Cedar Falls | Hocking Hills Locations

Choosing the right location for your Hocking Hills State Park wedding, elopement, engagement, or anniversary session can be a difficult task. But I’d love to help! I’ve picked some of the best locations in the Hocking Hills area to share.

Cedar Falls is a stunning Hocking Hills location with a huge sandstone cliff, the largest volume waterfall in the Park, and a unique keyhole shape. It is stunning in every season but the waterfall has the best flow during spring and winter. During the winter, jagged icicles jut from the rocks. During the late summer, the waterfall slows to a trickle.

To get to Cedar Falls, take the Democracy Steps down from the parking area. The staircase has about 100 steps and was created in 1997 by Akio Hizume – Japanese artist, architect and mathematician. Because of the irregularity of the length of the steps, the climb back up, and the slickness of the rocks in front of the falls, I recommend Cedar Falls for more able-bodied folks. If you are planning a wedding or elopement and want to include guests who are older folks or have difficulty with stairs, it’s best to avoid Cedar Falls when applying for your permit.

However, it does make an epic background for surprise proposals, engagement and anniversary sessions and elopement photos.

During high water flow, my favorite Hocking Hills waterfall – Hidden Falls – appears a few hundred feet from Cedar Falls. It’s a magical spot that seems to transport you out of Ohio. It personally reminds me of waterfalls in Hawaii.

I really love sunrise and early morning light at this location. My favorite season is spring because of the high water flow. Dogs are welcome!