Upper Falls | Hocking Hills Locations

Choosing the right location for your Hocking Hills State Park wedding, elopement, engagement, or anniversary session can be a difficult task. But I’d love to help! I’ve picked some of the best locations in the Hocking Hills area to share.

Upper Falls is the most iconic Hocking Hills location. It is photogenic in every season but the waterfall has the best flow during spring, fall and winter. During the winter, icicles form near the waterfall and in Old Man’s Cave Gorge. During the late summer, the waterfall slows to a trickle during dry periods.

To get to Upper Falls, park in the Old Man’s Cave lot on the Northeast end. The trailhead has an info kiosk and a wooden walkway. A few of minutes later, you’ll find yourself going down a short stone staircase (careful, it’s slippery in winter!) that leads to the waterfall. Because it’s quick and easy to get to and is beautiful year round, I often recommend Upper Falls as a location. It’s my number one requested spot for engagements and elopements.

For engagement photos, we can follow up Upper Falls photos with a short adventure in the Gorge, ending up at the Visitor’s Center. For elopements, we can use your 2 hours of coverage to go all the way to Lower Falls.

Are you having a wedding at a venue but still want couples photos in Hocking Hills State Park? I can help you plan your day to make this happen!

I love morning and evening light at this location. These times also make it possible to avoid crowds because it is definitely the busiest of the park locations. My favorite season is winter because it is quiet and magical. But the trail does get slick with ice and you definitely have to wear boots – no fancy dress shoes! For most folks, fall is the preferred season. Dogs are welcome!