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what if it rains?

planning for a rainy wedding day

One of the most commonly asked questions during the elopement and wedding planning process is, "What if it rains?" The beauty of intimate weddings and elopements is freedom and flexibility; rain doesn't need to make it any less wonderful of an experience!

embrace the storm

switch to plan b

reschedule your date

Some couples may still want to get epic outdoor photos in a particular location. These couples embrace the storm and follow whatever Mother Nature hands them - dresses get dirty, hair comes undone, and shoes get kicked off. I've photographed rain dances and puddle jumps. It's not for everyone, but embracing the rain can be great for playful, free-spirited couples who want a fun and memorable experience.

Switching to a Plan B location is a good idea if you have lodging or a venue booked and rain is forecasted. A Plan B location is one with shelter, one of the caves with an overhang, or your cabin. We won't be out in dangerous conditions like a lightning storm or flooding, but it's a good Plan B if you can minimize the amount of moisture hitting your clothing. I also carry clear bubble umbrellas in my car trunk. The umbrellas are super cute and photogenic.

Yes, you can move your wedding date! As long as I have availability on your new date, your coverage can be transferred without additional fees. This option works best for couples who are local to the area or plan to drive in for the event. Couples who have already booked lodging or venues might find re-booking vendors for a new date challenging.

dolly parton:

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

Some of my favorite photos have been taken during rainy weddings or right after a storm passes. I love dramatic skies. I love rainbows. I love fog. Rain sprinkles in a little bit of magic on a wedding day.