The Beauty of Getting Ready Photos

What are Getting Ready Photos?

Wedding or elopement Getting Ready Photos are a collection of photographs that capture the moments leading up to the ceremony. They typically involve the couple and their wedding party or close family members as they prepare for the day.

When are Getting Ready Photos Captured?

Getting Ready Photos can act as the beginning of your wedding day story. Coverage of the Getting Ready portion starts at the end of the hair and makeup process. But for folks who don't require hair and makeup styling, I suggest scheduling these photos after everyone is dressed. The exception to this would be if a bride wanted a Hanging Dress photo.

Getting Ready Photos last until a First Look, First Touch, or Ceremony.

What Kinds of Photos are Captured?

Every wedding or elopement is different - there will be different backgrounds and lighting, and couples will be interested in documenting different things as part of their wedding timeline.

But I have a simple list of ideas I send couples on their custom photo timeline.

Here are some of the most common Getting Ready Photos that I capture:

☑️Location/scenery photos of the venue
☑️Detail shots
☑️Dress hanging
☑️Heirlooms, special items, etc
☑️Bride getting zipped/buttoned
☑️Photos of bride - (front, back, details)
☑️Groom putting on a jacket, fixing tie, etc.
☑️Groom boutonniere shot
☑️Photos of groom - (front, back, details)

Who Should I Include in Getting Ready Photos?

I recommend helping your partner get dressed and ready for elopements without guests or a First Look. It doesn't take much time, but it's a fun way to transition to the ceremony. It's also a great way to work through pre-ceremony jitters.

For folks having a First Look or waiting until the altar to see each other, close friends and family members can be a part of the Getting Ready Photos.

If you plan to have a big wedding party, schedule something fun and interactive like a champagne pop or custom gifts to engage everyone and offer something photogenic and memorable during the getting ready process.

How Much Time Should I Allot for Getting Ready Photos?

Getting Ready Photos can be captured in 10-15 minutes for Elopements without guests. Getting Ready coverage can take 15-60 minutes for Extended Elopements and Micro Weddings. Large weddings with big wedding parties require a more substantial chunk of time in the schedule. Depending on the couple's needs, I recommend 1-3 hours of Getting Ready coverage for Standard and Full Day Weddings.

Are Getting Ready Photos Right for Me?

Sometimes, couples want to skip Getting Ready Photos, and that's okay. You may use your photo coverage differently - by having me capture post-ceremony candids of your guests enjoying a bonfire or an 80s dance party. You don't have to have Getting Ready Photos as part of your photo package, but here are a few reasons that you might want to consider them:

Capture the anticipation and excitement: Getting Ready Photos document the nervousness, happy tears, and pre-wedding laughs you share with your closest companions.

Tell a complete story: Getting Ready Photos act as the beginning of your wedding day story, and show some of the moments that lead up to the ceremony.

Focus on the little details: You spend a lot of time picking out your wedding attire and accessories. Getting Ready Photos can help document these items.

Perfect for family who couldn't attend: Getting Ready Photos can make those who couldn't be there feel more included in your special day.

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