All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.


Wizards on epic quests understand how fleeting time can be. So, too, do photographers. It’s my job to understand, capture the magic, and turn your moments into tangible memories. Hundreds of happy clients have shared their quiet moments and joyful celebrations with me. Through years of experience behind the camera, I know how to make you feel comfortable in front of it. 

Show me your authentic selves, and I’ll show you how to stop time. Whether you’re starting your adventure or have spent a lifetime walking the road together, I’d love to document a part of your journey.

Beautiful, artistic, and adventurous photography

Let the adventure begin!

Stunning photos, exceptional experiences, and timeless editing from a local guide.





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The Beauty of Getting Ready Photos

Wedding or elopement Getting Ready Photos are a collection of photographs that capture the moments leading up to the ceremony. They typically involve the couple and their wedding party or close family members as they prepare for the day.

Check out this guide to find out if Getting Ready Photos are right for your plans.

“I really cannot overstate how much we love Elizabeth and her work. From the very start, she was so incredibly engaged and helpful. I am fairly confident she is actually magic. We feel so, so, so lucky to have these beautiful photos that absolutely radiate the joy we felt that day!”

-Meg & Mike

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