Spring Franklin Park Conservatory Garden Engagement Session

Leeanna & Nathan drove from Michigan for their Franklin Park Conservatory Garden Engagement Session. Last year, Nathan proposed to Leeanna in the tulip area, and we agreed that would be a great place to start the photo session. 

The couple brought their newly adopted pup, Nyla, along for some photos. She was a Very Good Girl for her portraits. After her photoshoot, she explored the park with Leeanna & Nathan's friends, who came to dog-wrangle. 

Overall, the session was beautiful, fun, and adventurous. Here are a few reasons why Leeanna & Nathan had such a magical engagement session:

Soft Light

Spring sunshine tends to be softer and more diffused than the harsh sun during other seasons. This flattering light creates a natural glow and allows me to capture moments without harsh shadows.

Vibrant Colors

Spring bursts with color – blooming flowers and fresh green foliage. This creates a naturally beautiful backdrop for a love story.

Candid Moments

Part of a couple's session focuses on capturing genuine interactions and emotions, rather than staged poses. This allows for an organic, stress-free connection.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Without the pressure of posing all the time, couples can relax and be themselves, leading to more genuine smiles and interactions.

Unique Keepsakes

Engagement photos become a unique record of a special time in a couple's relationship, capturing the essence of who they are together.

Creative Expression

Artistic photos go beyond standard poses. They capture love stories in a creative and unique way. Using light, in-camera techniques, composition, and editing to create visually stunning photos that are more like works of art than typical portraits.

Symbolism & New Beginnings

The vibrant colors and life of spring evoke feelings of hope, joy, and optimism – emotions perfectly suited to celebrating an engagement. Spring represents new beginnings and growth, perfectly mirroring the start of a new chapter in a couple's life together.

Romantic Atmosphere

The natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere of a garden create a romantic and intimate setting for engagement photos.

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