Indoor Photo Sessions

Location Options for Winter Weather

Ohio has seen a few warm and sunny "faux" spring days this year, but the rain and snow over the past weekend prove that we will still have some unpleasant weather ahead for the next couple of months. For folks who want a winter portrait session but want to keep the weather manageable, indoor locations are always an option. Indoor locations offer shelter from cold and wet weather. Still, they also offer unique backgrounds and exciting lighting and generally have a certain vibe/mood that you can't get with outdoor nature photos.

Escape the Weather

Winter can be brutal, with freezing temperatures, snow, and rain. Indoor locations allow folks to stay warm and comfortable during their photoshoot.

Cozy & Intimate Vibes

Indoor spaces offer a wider variety of backdrops than what's available outdoors in winter. Together, we can create specific themes or vibes, from cozy cabin stays to art museums or galleries. These spaces also tend to have unique or dramatic lighting.

Winter weather can also be unpredictable, forcing outdoor shoots to be rescheduled or canceled. Planning an indoor location can eliminate stress and allow more flexibility in portrait session scheduling.

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